Windows Store now available to all developers in 120 markets

Zac Bowden

Microsoft’s Windows Store has today been opened to all developers in 120 markets, which means a wider range of developers can start developing apps for the Windows 8 and Windows RT platform. The app store currently has over 1000 apps, which is an OK sum, but more the merrier?

82 of the 120 markets are new as of today, meaning the developing market has opened up to more than half of what it had.

Those who have a MSDN subscription can gain a Windows Store developer license for free, which lasts one year. This should hopefully interest more developers who weren’t interested in the first place.

Hopefully with this welcoming of new markets and developers, we’ll see a bunch of new apps before the platform launches in October later this year. The app store count currently sits at just over 1000, more apps the merrier.