Windows Store app highlight: Win Maps, a maps app that utilizes Google Places and Bing API


Win Maps

Win Maps, an app available in the Windows Store for free, is a cool mapping app that utilizes Google Places to showcases nearby resturants, ATMs, etc, as well as Bing API to display the map. This app is fast and runs on both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

“Win Maps is an efficient application that works with all systems supporting Windows 8. The app makes use of Google Places and Bing API to fetch the data. This Windows store app allows you to change map types(road, ariel and bird eye), map view for zoom in and zoom out, search places, get direction from one place to another place, finding nearby places and thereby find your current location easily. The app is fast to work with,” the app description reads.

This app has the ability to use Map View, which lets you change the map type to road, aerial view, and birds eye view. You can even zoom in and zoom out of the map. The app even lets you showcase your current location with a single click or tap. Not only can you get directions but you can also search locations using auto complete. Win Maps also lets you find nearby places with a single click. Try this app out and see if you like it! Hit the download link below to grab Win Maps.