Windows Store app highlight: Taskify, lets you organize your tasks into lists



Looking for a neat app to organize all your tasks into lists? Taskify is a neat application that was recently made available to the Windows Store for both Windows RT and Windows 8 and it is available for free!

“Taskify task management is a fluid, low-friction task management tool that is intuitive to use. Version 1.0 of the app includes features such as unlimited number of lists and tasks, along with the ability to drag and drop tasks to re-order them and move them between lists,” the app description reads.

Taskify allows you to create an unlimited number of lists and tasks in a single page. You can also re-order tasks and move them between lists. You will also have the ability to see whats due soon and what tasks are overdue. Taskify also supports Live Tile functionality, which will showcase upcoming tasks and overdue tasks. This app is still being worked on so features such as Notifications, Sharing, and Search and coming very soon. This app is free and can be downloaded via the link below.