Windows Server 8 screenshot leak, shows new dashboard type UI

Zac Bowden

A recent screenshot leak of Microsoft’s new Windows Server operating system reveal a brand new dashboard type user interface with Metro and tile based features.

The guys over at My Digital Life have posted a screenshot of what appears to be a new type of dashboard that is in the works on Windows Server 8. The UI has some elements of Metro, as well as tile-based type features.

Microsoft have recently been talking about Windows 8, and how it will revolve around one type of easy to use user interface. Metro will be used on all of Microsoft’s product’s, that includes the Xbox 360, PC, and Tablet. The Windows Phone 7 is already using the Metro user-interface.

Microsoft will be revealing more information about Windows 8 and it’s Metro UI at the BUILD conference that is being held next week at Anaheim, California. It is also rumoured that a public build of Windows 8 will be released for testing.