Windows Server 8 now officially called Windows Server 2012, due later this year


Microsoft revealed that the private cloud will become even more powerful with Windows Server 8 and that the operating system will officially be named Windows Server 2012. This new cloud-optimized operating system is expected to be out later this year, according to Microsoft.

Windows Server 8 beta

“With Windows Server 8, we now see it as a cloud operating system, which is to say an OS for lots of servers and all the devices that connect them. That means we’re able to give customers a far more coherent experience at lower cost and lower effort on their part,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft believes that Windows Server 8 is the biggest and most transformational server release they have ever had. “It’s not just the great advances we’ve made in storage, networking and virtualization. What’s most transformational is the change of identity. In past, we always viewed Windows Server as an operating system for a single server,” Microsoft adds. Not anymore. Windows Server 8 will now be viewed as a cloud operating system.