Windows Server 8 beta installation screen leaks


A screenshot of the upcoming beta of Windows Server 8’s installation dialog has leaked on a website known for leaking pictures of unleaked Windows builds. Although this screenshot doesn’t reveal much, it is a nice little teaser of whats to come.

A site known for its releases of Windows 8 screenshots, WinUnleaked, has released a new image. The image depicts the Windows 8 Server beta installation when you first run it from your computer. The blog post does not contain a lot of information, and neither does the screenshot, but it tells us that Microsoft is ready for the beta to be released by next month.

The blogger, known to many as Canouna, released the photo as a “Happy New Year Gift” and states that many pictures of the client version of Windows 8 have been released, but not many of the server. The beta includes many changes such as a “refreshed dashboard UI, and new features,” and that the code has been cleared. Canouna states that he was “on the Samsung slate” while capturing the image and that it was “not the best hardware” to “install a Server OS” and that when he gets home he will “post more shots.” CES 2012 is when we expect Microsoft to reveal a bit more about Windows 8, and a broader range of people will recieve the beta and it could “leak.”