Windows RT 8.1 build 9410 demoed at TechEd 2013

Zac Bowden

Windows RT 8.1 Start Screen

Michael Niehaus, senior product marketing manager at Microsoft held a keynote today at TechEd 2013 where he spoke about Windows RT in the Enterprise and how RT is good for businesses. During the keynote, he demoed a pre-release build of Windows RT 8.1. The build was 9410, which means its compilation date was before the Start Button was re-added to the taskbar.

The demo shows off the Start Screen, Desktop and IE11, however the IE11 demo seems to crash before they can get it going. Of course, this is pre-release software so it is expected.

The keynote was around an hour long, and the Windows RT demo’s are fairly short. We’ve done the hard work for you and cut the keynote down to just the Windows RT parts, which means some of the things being talked about in the video might not make much sense. Don’t worry, if you want to check out the full keynote, check out the Source Link below.