Windows Lite reportedly may not be publicly announced until 2020

Laurent Giret

Laptops on a table

If you were expecting Microsoft to announce some big software news at its Build developer conference next week, it looks like you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Tom Warren from The Verge previously reported that Microsoft wouldn’t be talking about Windows Core OS and one of its derivative dubbed “Windows Lite” at Build, and today Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft may well not announce the new software projects until 2020.

Windows Lite is the unofficial name for a new lightweight OS designed for Chromebook-like PCs and innovative form factors such as dual-screen devices. According to Zac Bowden’s information, Microsoft Edge’s recent switch to Chromium may be one of the reasons why Microsoft need some time before publicly announcing Windows Lite, as the new Chromium-based Edge doesn’t run yet on the new OS.

I hear Microsoft wants Windows Lite to go into broader internal testing sometime this summer. It’s likely that by then, the new Microsoft Edge will be up and running on Windows Lite. So, realistically, the earliest we should expect to see Microsoft announce Windows Lite is sometime this fall. But even, that’s not guaranteed, because Windows Lite isn’t scheduled to start shipping on devices until sometime in 2020 at the earliest. It all depends on whether Microsoft is planning a public preview for Windows Lite before it starts shipping.

If Microsoft isn’t planning a Fall event to unveil Windows Lite, we hope that we’ll get some exciting Windows 10 news to compensate. Unfortunately, we still don’t know anything about the upcoming 19H2 update, which could be a minor update in preparation for a much more substantial release (20H1) in Spring 2020.