Windows InTune update to add support for email profile management, iOS 7, remote locking


Windows InTune update to add support for email profile management, iOS 7 and remote locking

Windows InTune is a great service that enables companies to manage mobile devices and PCs using a web-based admin panel. Microsoft has just announced the rollout of an update to the cloud service which subscribers will start to see rolling out some time next week. With the current BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) climate, the ability for organizations to implement policy across devices is more important than ever.

The latest update sees the introduction of support for the remote locking of a device as well as password resetting. This is something that will prove useful if a laptop or other device is stolen or mislaid, or if a remote user forgets a password. There’s also new support for the remote configuration of email profiles, including the ability to perform a remote wipe of email — again, a useful feature should a device go missing.

There’s also support for iOS 7’s new settings such as the ability to disable fingerprint unlocking and remote management of which installed apps can be used to open different types of file.

A post on the Cloud & Server blog also gives a glimpse into the future, previewing some of the updates that are planned for the year ahead:

  • Deeper email management, including conditional access to Exchange email inboxes depending on if the device is managed
  • Ability to define application restrictions, through direct platform management as well as “wrapping” policy around unmanaged applications, giving administrators the ability to define how an application interacts with data and block undesirable functions such as cut and paste to other apps
  • Bulk enrollment of mobile devices, specifically useful for devices not used by a single user or knowledge worker, including kiosks, student devices, or those used in retail 
  • Allow or deny apps from running on mobile devices
  • Web browser management, including URL filtering to manage which web sites mobile devices can access

So there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months!