Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring get a new dark theme in the Feedback Hub

Mark Coppock

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If you’re a Windows Insider, you hopefully spend a good deal of time in the Windows 10 Feedback Hub app. That’s where you can give Microsoft your insight into what’s best and worst about the latest Windows 10 builds, and if you’re not providing your input, then you’re not really doing your job as a Windows Insider.

Today, Microsoft provides a new look to the Feedback Hub for Insiders in the Fast Right. Specifically, you get a new dark theme that might make the overall experience a little more pleasant if you’re into that sort of thing. Change the setting, restart the app, and you’re now enjoying a feedback experience that’s a bit less bright.

Feedback Hub dark theme
Feedback Hub dark theme.

The update should be available in the Windows Store. Go hit the update button, then let us know what you think about the new Feedback Hub’s dark theme.