Windows Insiders event scheduled for December 2 in Italy, attendees to get hands-on with Windows 10

Staff Writer

Microsoft’s Windows Insiders team has been hard at work on both Windows 10’s Version 1511 fall update and the Windows 10 Mobile launch, with the latter set to happen soon. Microsoft has scheduled a few events across parts of Asia and Europe, and we’ve gotten wind, courtesy of Windows Central, that yet another has been scheduled.
Thus far, we know that Microsoft has a Windows Insiders event in London on December 2nd in the U.K., as well as events in Mumbai and New Delhi in India on the 30th of November. We’ve also heard of a Moscow event on November 26th and one in Rotterdam on December 2nd as well.
Now, as of Windows Central’s update to their initial post from Saturday, Microsoft has begun to invite Windows Insiders from Italy to take part in the December 2nd event set to happen in Milan. These Windows Insiders events are great for devoted users who helped shape the mobile side of Windows into the ready-to-release state it’s in. At these events, Windows Insiders will get the chance to talk with fellow devotees, as well as to go hands-on with the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL to try out the official release of Windows 10 Mobile.
Among the showcase-worthy parts of Microsoft’s latest mobile update is Continuum. Continuum for phones, unlike its implementation on 2-in-1 laptop-tablet combo devices, allows smartphones with compatible hardware to plug into a Display Dock to expand the on-screen experience to mimic that of a traditional desktop. Continuum takes advantage of the Universal Windows Platform’s ‘single app for all device types’ approach to open a desktop-class app from only a mobile phone.
At these events in various parts of the world, Insiders will get to try out live demonstrations of Continuum as well as Windows 10 Mobile’s other aspects like updated Cortana experience, increased and still-customizable Action Center tiles, and the new security measures that Windows Hello includes. Attending Windows Insiders will also get a chance to buy the new Lumia devices, and will get a Display Dock included with purchase, so all they need to do at home is plug it in and go.