Windows Insider program to “close the loop” on feedback deemed a success, to be expanded

Laurent Giret

Windows Insider team

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A couple of months ago, the Windows Insider team acknowledged that it didn’t have a good system in place to let Insiders know when their reported bugs have been fixed. To address this situation, the team came up with three different solutions last month: SIUFs (System Initiated User Feedback, which are pop up notifications telling you that your feedback has been addressed), email notifications and Feedback Hub notifications.

Screen Shot 2017 12 15 at 17.14.00
A SIUF notification.

At the time the Head of the Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar explained that only Insiders who submitted the original feedback would see SIUF notifications, but the team later expanded the pool to Insiders who also upvoted the feedback in question. Today, Dona Sarkar shared an update on this initiative to close the loop on feedback, saying that the team sent 11K SIUFs to Windows Insiders last month. The experiment seems to be a success as over 50% of Windows Insiders responded to these specific pop up notifications. “Getting a few is a good sign that you are filing/upvoting impactful feedback,” added Sarkar in a separate tweet.

Of course, the Windows Insider team will use your feedback to refine this system over the coming weeks and months, but in the meantime, Dona Sarkar is looking for naming ideas for the Feedback toast notifications. Our own Kip Kniskern offered a suggestion, and we’re sure Windows Insiders can find something better than “Close the Loop.”

Did you notice these SUIF notifications after filing feedback recently? If you saw one of these and didn’t react to it, you should receive the same message from the SUIF as an email to the MSA you used to signed up for the Windows Insider Program. Anyway, as Dona Sarkar said, the team is looking to expand the initiative in January so expect to see more of these notifications going forward.