Windows Hopic Explorer app updated with a host of new features

Brad Stephenson

The Windows 10 Hopic Explorer app has updated to version with a range of new features and improvements. The app now has a server manager, support for multiple WebDAV servers, photopage, a new quick selection feature when navigating the Servers in the Collection area, support for viewing images in fullscreen and downloading them from the Photopage, and a new ability to take and save photos from within the app.

Other changes with this update include the ability to make donations, new visualisations when saving the settings, files and folders can now be moved via drag & drop into subdirectories within Hopic Explorer, a refresh will no longer occur when renaming files and folders, a new visualisation for saving, and many, many bug fixes.

Here’s the complete list of bug fixes from the version release notes:

  • Bugfix in displaying the License Status
  • Bugfix in the document Editor
  • Bugfix on determine the file types
  • Bugfix on renaming files & folders
  • Bugfix for Drag & Drop within Hopic Explorer
  • Bugfixes with the translations
  • Bugfix for Auto Upload (Anniversary Update)
  • Bugfix in the WebDAV Library
  • Bugfixes for initial synchronization

Here’s the official app description: Hopic Explorer is a complete WebDAV client with which you can access any WebDAV Server and manage your data. Music and video streaming, and many other functions are also supported. Moreover Hopic Explorer offers the possibility that selected folders to be synchronized automatically to your WebDAV Server, this can be used for instace to automatically upload new photos to your WebDAV storage. For flexible working, Hopic Explorer offers full Continuum support and for added security of your data, Windows Hello is also available. Thanks to a setup wizard, the configuration is done in a few steps. Depending on your taste, Hopic Explorer also offers a light and a dark theme.

Hopic Explorer obviously has a very niche target audience. Is this an app that you use? Share your impressions of it with the community in the comments below.

Hopic Explorer
Hopic Explorer
Developer: andy-dev
Price: Free