Windows Device Recovery Tool updated, adds support for NuAns NEO

Vu Anh Nguyen

windows device recovery tool

Microsoft is not focusing on Windows 10 Mobile right now; that much is clear. That’s not to say the company is neglecting its users however: case in point, an update has jus been released for its Windows Device Recovery Tool, reports Windows Central.

Specifically, the update is bringing support for addition third-party Windows Phone (read: non-Lumias), including the NuAns NEO – a curious design-focused handset from Japan. Another interesting phone from Japan whose support was added is the VAIO Phone Biz, a business device from the former great laptop maker (some argue the new laptops are the company’s return to form). Other additions include the Unistrong T536, and the Yezz Billy.

To jog your memory a bit, Windows Device Recovery Tool is a PC-based software from Microsoft, that helps supported smartphones’ owners to restore their device OS in case something goes wrong, like during an Insider Preview build installation. The update is a good indicator of Microsoft’s continued commitment to Windows on Mobile, the champion of which may have to be the upcoming rumored “Surface Phone”.