Windows Blue features new Calculator, Audio Recorder, Movie Moments, and Alarm apps


Windows Blue

If you are just joining us, earlier today the first build of Windows Blue was leaked. Windows Blue build 9364 was leaked and numerous screenshots, a video, and more were revealed about this upcoming update to Windows 8. It also appears that Windows Blue will feature four new apps.

In the leaked Windows Blue build 9364 video, we catch a glimpse of a new Calculator app, as well as an Audio Recorder app, a Movie Moments app, and an Alarm app. No word on if these apps will make it to the final build of Windows Blue, but they sure do look useful to use. (see screenshots below)

The new Calculator app is pretty straightforward and features Standard mode, Scientific mode, and Converter mode. The Audio Recorder app is great and utilizes your device’s microphone to work. The Movie Moments app is broken at the moment seems to be a “Windows Movie Maker” wannabe. And the Alarm app is, well, an alarm/timer app.

It is quite obvious by now that Windows Blue is better suited to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile PCs, and all it took was some tweaks and feature additions. We learned today that Windows Blue will feature changes to the core that allows for 3 or 4 apps to be snapped on screen at one time, as well as 2 or more metro apps running across multiple screens!

We will keep you posted on any breaking Windows Blue news. In the mean time, check out these screen grabs of the four new Windows Blue apps:

Windows Blue Alarm
Windows Blue Sound
Windows Blue Video
Windows Blue Calculator