Windows Blue build 9364 has leaked onto the web

Zac Bowden

Is this our first Windows Blue leak? It appears a thread on has download links to a 32-bit version of Windows Blue. The build number sits at 9364, checks on the ISO have confirmed the setup.exe file as legitimate. Screenshots of the full build string have also leaked online.


We are currently unable to confirm this leak as real or fake as the download is in three parts and as you would expect, it’s rather slow. We will update this post with confirmation as soon as we can. What makes us believe this leak is real is the fact that a screenshot has leaked revealing the entire build string, including the unique employee ID. Someone will be in trouble if this is indeed real.

It is currently unknown what new features this build contains, it might not even contain any new features. We’ll have to wait and see. Remember, this leak could be false. Also, we will not be linking to any download links.