Windows App Studio gains new functionality in latest update, including improved social media integration

Sean Cameron

Windows App Studio

Windows App Studio has gained a new update, and with it some nice new features and functionality. First among these is better integration with both Facebook and Youtube. With the new update, the latest APIs for these services have been included, meaning apps developed can have a deeper level of functionality, just like Instagram and Twitter in the previous update. For example, with the new YouTube DataSource, playlists, searches or a full user feed can be chosen.

New built-in logo and image controls have also been added, allowing users to easily add .jpeg and .png files to multiple splash screens, tiles, and icons with a minimum of effort. 8 new fully customizable themes for apps have been added, making it easier for users to give their apps a unique aesthetic flavor without too much investment of time. Images can now also be used as headers, instead of being restricted to text.

Also included is new ‘How-to’ formatting, an improved simulator and screenshots and a ‘fully responsive’ home page. Are you a Windows App Studio user? Are you excited about this update? Let us know in the comments below.