Microsoft has just made it even easier to publish your apps to the Store via Windows App Studio Beta


Windows App Studio Beta now delivers app packages, up to six app screenshots, app logo, and publication instructions

Microsoft has just made it even easier to publish your apps to the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store via the Windows App Studio Beta. According to Microsoft, over 1.1 million people have used Windows App Studio Beta to quickly turn their ideas into an app. Now, Microsoft has automated the process of creating screenshots of your app and helps you get your app published to the Store quicker than ever.

“Now after you create your app and select Publish Package, you will get a .zip file that contains your Store-ready publish packages, up to six screenshots of your app, the app logo you created, and publication instructions – everything you need to submit your app to the Store.  You’ll of course need a Dev Center account to submit your apps.  We’ve even produced videos that walk through how to publish your App Studio apps to the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft has made it super easy to create your app and get it published. Not only will you get the app package, but you will also get an app logo, and up to six screenshots of your app to go along with it! The company has also added YouTube playlists as a data source, so you can display videos by user, search term, and playlist. There is also a new photo layout option in the App Studio, allowing you to use Instagram, Flickr, and dynamic or static collections as a data source.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Windows App Studio Beta and create your own app now!