Windows 95 seen running on Windows RT, BOCHS and more ported to ARM

Zac Bowden

Well, it looks like the jailbreak community for Windows RT is a go, as today it appears that a hacker by the name of Netham45 on the XDA forums has managed to successfully port PuTTy, TightVNC and BOCHS to Windows RT, which means Windows 95 can be seen running on Windows RT here. While most things work, things like networking do not.

Porting Windows applications to ARM is a tricky job, and requires loading and rebuilding apps (.net 4.5 only) in Visual Studio 2012 with a workaround, it involves a lot of trickery and isn’t recommended you do. Also, since many Windows libraries are missing in Windows RT, some programs won’t even run, even if they are ported to ARM.

Microsoft recently commented on the Windows RT jailbreak, saying that they “applaud the ingenuity of the folks who worked this out and the hard work they did to document it,” however they also stated that the exploit may not be in future versions of the Windows RT operating system, which may be a shame for some.