Windows 95 game ‘Hover’ returns, reimagined for touch with Internet Explorer 11


Windows 95 game 'Hover' reimagined

Who remembers the game ‘Hover’ from the Windows 95 days? If you haven’t, don’t worry, it was a game that came with Windows 95 and featured bumper cars and capturing flags. Now, Microsoft has revealed a relaunched ‘Hover’ game reimagined for touch and built for Internet Explorer 11’s support of modern standards.

Microsoft partnered up with Indie developer Dan Church and Pixel Labs to not only bring the game into the modern touch era, but also added new features. These new features include additional hovercrafts, support for up to eight players, and support for online competition with friends.

“”Hover” displayed cutting-edge graphics on PCs at the time, but with multimedia capabilities having increased just a tad over the last 18 years, the game is reimagined with IE11 (and its support for modern Web standards). It joins IE experiences like Everest: Rivers of Ice and Contre Jour as an example of what’s possible on the Web with the modern browsers and Web standards of today,” Microsoft explained.

You can head over to to check out the game. Microsoft recommends checking out the game via IE11 on Windows 8.1.