Windows 9 (Threshold) Technical Preview screenshots leak from build 9834, reveals new features

Zac Bowden

Windows Technocal Preview

Well it’s about time! Screenshots of Windows 9 (Threshold) build 9834 have leaked onto the internet, finally showing off a number of new changes which WinBeta and other sources have spoken about. The screenshots reveal the updated Start Menu, windowed Modern-UI apps, taskbar, notifications center and much much more.

WinBeta has been in contact with a number of our sources regarding these screenshots and we can confirm these screenshots are legitimate. They align with builds previously seen by us, and a public leak of screenshots can mean an actual leak of the build is imminent, considering the build is in partner hands and not within the walls of Microsoft.

A few features such as new interactive live tiles and folders within the tile-UI do not appear to be present in this build, but considering those features aren’t supposed to arrive until after the preview launches, this makes a lot of sense. This build includes the beginnings of an updated UI too, with window borders being removed to add a clean effect across the board.

Windows 9 Notification

What are your thoughts on the current look of Windows Threshold? Do you like it? Leave us your commets below and let us know. Stick around at WinBeta for more news regarding Windows Threshold, including a leak which could happen very soon now that screenshots have hit the web!