Windows 9 (Threshold) still on track for preview release this fall

Zac Bowden


We’ve had an entire raid of Windows Threshold news over the last week, with Neowin unveiling a possible new feature called Virtual Desktops coming in Threshold, and WinBeta exclusively revealing changes coming to the Charms bar. Today, Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet has confirmed both the Virtual Desktop and Charms bar changes, whilst also reiterating that Threshold is on track for a preview release this fall.

Foley has expanded on our report earlier, explaining how the Charms will work for not only desktop users, but tablet users too. We reported that the Charms bar was going away for desktop users, and it appears, according to Foley’s unnamed sources, that the Charms bar is going away for tablet users too. Read more about that here.

Foley claims that Threshold is on track for a preview release at the end of this year, meaning there isn’t a lot of time between now and getting our hands on a new build of Windows Threshold to test out. Of course, more information about Threshold is expected to be revealed before then, and we’ve got even more juicy bits about Threshold to reveal soon. So stick around for that!

What do you expect to see in the Windows Threshold Preview? Do you think we’ll have an official name by then, or will Microsoft stick with Threshold until closer to release? Leave us your thoughts below!