Notification center shown off in new Windows 9 (codename Threshold) video

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Windows 9 Threshold Notification Center

The latest Windows 9 build leak shows the much-anticipated notification center in action. The notification system that Windows 8/8.1 currently uses shows the notifications on the top right, but if you miss it, you are left wondering what in the world it was.

The notification center solves this problem by putting a center for your notifications in right corner of the taskbar.

Windows Phone has finally gotten a notification center, and OSX has had this for some time. The OSX notification center, however, is a panel on the right edge of the screen that slides out when you want it, while this is just a square on the right corner of your screen. If you are familiar with Chrome’s notification center, you will find it to be very similar. 

A couple things to note are the design and the lack of actionable notifications. If you think it doesn’t look pretty, no need to panic yet. This particular build could just be showcasing the functionality and UI changes are very much possible.

The lack of actionable notifications seems a bit more concerning. Actionable notifications allow you to reply and take other actions on the notifications as they pop up or from the notification center (like in OSX, or Android). The current build doesn’t seem to have this functionality. And since actionable notifications need their own APIs, it will have to be a significant upgrade.

You can watch the video for yourselves, and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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