Windows 7 reaches new milestone, sells over 630 million copies

Zac Bowden

Windows 7, Microsoft’s current Windows operating system has reached a new milestone of 630 million copies sold, according to the company. Windows 7 is currently the best selling operating system in history, coming first in the amount sold over a short period of time.

“More than 630 million Windows 7 licenses have been sold to date,” Microsoft announced in an official blog post.

This puts Windows 7 above Mac OS X Lion, which has only sold 60 million copies since launch. Now obviously Windows 7 has been out for sometime, so comparing both Windows 7 and Mac OS X operating systems isn’t really ideal. Either way, 630 million licenses is a huge milestone for the company, making Windows 7 the best selling operating system in history.

Now the question is, will Windows 8 take Windows 7’s place when it launches later this year? It could do it, but it will need a hell of a lot of advertising before hand, heck maybe even a welcome tutorial too!