Windows 7 close to being top operating system, Windows XP still number one


Accoridng to new data from Net Applications, Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system is close to being the top operating system in market share, but Windows XP is still ranked as number one. The gap is getting smaller as Windows 7 and Windows XP are nearly the same in market share.

For the month of June, according to Net Applications, Windows 7 has a market share of 41.6% compared to Windows XP which has a market share of 43.6%. Back in April of this year, Windows 7 had a market share of 38.67%, so it is obvious that within two months, the operating system is picking up market share. Windows Vista continues to drop in market share as the operating system sustains a 6.72% market share. Even though Windows 8 has yet to be released, it has gained a market share of 0.18%, thanks to the Consumer Preview and Release Preview.

For those curious, Net Applications tracks the number of unique visitors to its network of more than 40,000 sites and counts only one unique visit per site per day. The stats are based on 160 million unique visits per months.