Windows 11 latest preview build teases energy usage tracking feature for desktop PCs

Pranav Bhardwaj

Windows 11 energy usage tracking feature

Windows 11 users may soon have access to a new feature that provides insights into the power consumption of their desktop PCs and individual applications. The latest preview build of Windows 11, specifically version 23506 from the Dev channel, has hinted at this functionality, although it remains hidden and in development.

A keen Windows enthusiast on Twitter by the handle name PhantomOfEarth, discovered the feature using ViVeTool. While it’s unsurprising that Microsoft has hidden these features as they are still a work in progress, the glimpse shows promising potential.

According to the tweet, in build 23506, Microsoft is reportedly transforming the Battery Usage panel into Energy (& Battery) Usage. This change will broaden its utility beyond just laptops and battery information, extending its reach to display power usage data for desktop PCs as well.

The upgraded panel will offer a breakdown of energy consumption for the entire Windows 11 PC, providing valuable insights into which applications are consuming excessive energy. This means that users can easily identify power-hungry software on their systems, allowing them to optimize energy usage and potentially extend battery life on laptops.

For those using laptops, fear not; Microsoft is not removing the battery level information. Users will have the option to switch between viewing energy usage and battery level data, ensuring that they can still keep track of their laptop’s power status.

In addition to individual app power usage, Microsoft also intends to include overall energy usage and emissions data. However, it appears that this aspect is still a work in progress, as the current display shows placeholder readings.

While this feature is not yet fully functional and may have some quirks to iron out, it holds promise for both desktop and laptop users alike. As Windows 11 continues its development journey, we can look forward to more refined and comprehensive power management tools that empower users to make informed decisions about their devices’ energy consumption.

Via: Techradar