Windows 10’s Game Mode will now block Windows Update interruptions

Jonny Caldwell

Yesterday’s release of the Windows 10 October Update 2018 hosted several new features and improvements. Among those is Microsoft’s new Game Bar app that comes pre-installed on this new update. The app can be accessed from both the Start Menu as well as using Ctrl + G, and includes new audio controls that allow customization of the different audio channels running on the system.

Additionally, Microsoft’s newest Windows update includes improvements to Game Mode. Windows 10 users running the October 2018 Update will have the option of having the system turn off Windows Update automatically. This will allow the system to focus its resources on running the game as smoothly as possible and block unwanted update notifications that get in the way of fun.

These new features will surely make many gamers happy, as fewer interruptions and smoother gaming should help alleviate frustration when games become increasingly challenging.

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