Windows 10 Twitter app gets new Quote Tweet labelling and improved emoji picking

Brad Stephenson


The official list of changes that have been made to the Twitter web app, and thus the official Windows 10 Twitter app, over the past month or so has been published.

Many would have noticed by now the long overdue rebranding of “Retweets with comments” as “Quote Tweets” that’s happened during the past few weeks on all platforms. “Quote Tweets” has been a phrase used by Twitter users for many years now to refer to a retweet that has a comment above it.

For some reason, Twitter has been resistant to using the phrase in an official capacity but, after the social network recently started displaying “Retweets with comments” as a separate retweet stat on tweets and the majority of users having no idea what that meant, the company finally began using “Quote Tweets” and the service is all the better for it.

Other changes mentioned include improvements to the media upload button on the DM screen, conversation card previews, and improvements to the native emoji picker box.

Here’s the full notes:


  • DMs: The media upload buttons in the DM composer will now dynamically show and hide on smaller screens to give you more space for composing messages.
  • Quote Tweets: “Retweets with comments” are now known as Quote Tweets! This change has been rolled out globally for Web. Look for Quote Tweets between Retweets and Likes on the Tweet detail screen, and the Quote Tweet option in the Retweet dropdown menu.


  • Composer: Clicking a conversation card will now show a preview of the card within the composer after opening.
  • DM Drawer: Opening a link for a Tweet or Event from a DM on the Messages screen will now navigate you to the correct page, and open the DM Drawer to the conversation you opened the link from.
  • Emoji Picker: The Emoji Picker’s performance should now be a lot smoother and snappier when opening and scrolling through categories.
  • Tweet Detail: All timestamps on the Tweet Detail screen will now link to the Tweet’s URL location.


  • Accessibility: Improved carousel accessibility. Tab focus and keyboard shortcuts should no longer cause the carousel layout to break on Safari. Voiceover will now properly announce the current carousel position.
  • Accessibility: The Tweet Detail should now be properly accessible via keyboard shortcuts on Safari.
  • Composer: The Tweet composer should now properly focus when opened from menus such as the Retweet dropdown.
  • Conversations: Muting a user on the conversation screen will now hide their Tweets.
  • DMs: When blocking a user in the message requests inbox, you will now still have access to the conversation for historical purposes.
  • DMs: When blocked by another user through DMs, navigating to the user’s profile page will no longer display an error state.
  • Events: When sharing an Event, the title will now properly populate in the Tweet composer.
  • Notifications Screen: Navigating to will now take you to your Mentions tab on the Notifications Screen instead of displaying an empty profile page.
  • User Picker: Selecting a user with a long display name should no longer cause the selection pill to extend beyond the picker container when tagging users in media, or adding them to DMs.
  • Video: The docked video player will now accurately show elapsed time.
  • Video: The video preview image will no longer display under the “Watch again” overlay.
  • Who to Follow: Fixed an issue where the Who to follow module on the sidebar wouldn’t display.

Being a web app, changes are made to Twitter on a continuous basis rather than with a single app update that must be pushed out to devices. Many changes, such as the new use of “Quote Tweets,” are quickly spotted by users while others remain unnoticed until they’re announced via release notes like the ones above.

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