Windows 10 Tweeten app gains dark theme and revamped login screen in new update

Brad Stephenson

Twweten Twitter app on Windows 10

Tweeten, the third-party Windows 10 Twitter app, has received a rather significant update this week. In addition to a new dark theme and a completely revamped login/signup page, the Tweeten app now allows users to download images from DMs and has also reorganized its settings screen.

Here’s the official release notes for all of the details.

  • Say hello to Tweeten Black: A beautiful new dark theme that is full of deep blacks, offering a super sexy tweeting experience that you won’t get anywhere else. Now on Tweeten. For free.
  • A new onboarding experience: Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the login and start-up experience for the app has been revamped with a vibrant new design.
  • Settings: A re-organized settings app, with sub-sections, make it much quicker to find the exact customization options you’re looking for.
  • Direct Messages: You can now download private images on DMs. Privacy features such as the ability to blur messages and hide other info on the DM column are once again available.
  • Patching: Tweeten can now automatically update itself to apply patches when there’s a breaking TweetDeck bug, meaning you no longer have to manually download updates from the site. Oh, and, when something is broken and we are aware of the issue, you will be notified on the splash screen of the app so you can rest assured and don’t bug us about the broken things while we are busy focusing on fixing it.
  • Tweeten is now a single instance application by default, but you can enable multiple instances from settings if you’d like.
  • Design tweaks for the dark and light themes, plus a lot of minor UI fixes throughout the app.

Do you use Tweeten on your Windows 10 device and would you recommend it over the official Twitter app? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below and make sure to follow us on Twitter, in whichever Twitter app you prefer, for more Windows 10 news.

Developer: Mehedi Hassan
Price: Free