Windows 10 “Threshold 2” update now slated for November release

Zac Bowden


For those who don’t know, Microsoft is currently working on it’s first non-patch update for Windows 10, currently codenamed Threshold 2 and was originally supposed to launch sometime in October. But as of recently, it appears that release window may have slipped ever so slightly, as according to my sources, Threshold 2 will now launch in early November instead.
This is likely for the best, as it gives Microsoft a little more time to continue developing Threshold 2 and should hopefully result in a better built all round update for consumers when it is finally released. Now another interesting thing to think about is what the update could possibly be called when it does eventually launch.
Although there have not been any branding decisions made regarding the update, I understand Microsoft is now referring to Threshold 2 as “Windows 10 Update for November” or “Windows 10 November Update” internally and with close partners, whether one of those names ends up as being final remains to be seen, but November is definitely looking more likely now. Microsoft could very well opt to not give this update any name or identity, and simply release it as another standard Windows 10 update for consumers. We’ll see.
Windows Insiders have been using Threshold 2 builds for a few weeks now, and so far they come bearing few changes. Still in the pipeline are Edge extensions and performance enhancements, a new universal Messaging app for the desktop and more under-the-hood improvements benefitting Universal Apps. Threshold 2 isn’t a ‘big’ update compared to Redstone, which is Microsoft’s next major update for Windows 10 that will pack a whole load of new features for consumers and enterprises.