Windows 10 Team Profile highlights the man behind the Insider feedback tools

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Team Profile highlight posts are designed to give Windows 10 Insiders a glimpse behind the current development of Windows and inner workings at Microsoft. Alongside a newly released Windows 10 Redstone preview build, Insiders are now being introduced to the program manager for the WDG (Windows & Devices Group) community champions, Anthony Kinsey.

A Microsoft employee of roughly four and half years, Kinsey describes his work habits as ‘nomadically’ dealing with engineering teams across the Windows and Devices group. Kinsey leads a virtual team of champions that are dedicated to listening and responding to feedback from Insiders. Specifically, Kinsey meets with almost every team in the Windows & Devices Group to ensure the feedback and response tools the various teams use to correspond with Insiders meet their needs.

Dealing day-to-day with the Insider community can seem like a daunting task for anyone, with constant questions, complaints and suggestions, but Kinsey still finds gems amongst all of the noise.

I was lucky enough to be able to go out to support one of our Windows 10 launch events last July. It was my first time traveling for businesses, so I was nervous, but the Insiders I met and hung out with on the trip were all incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Windows, and interesting to talk to, which made the experience one to remember.”

See, we’re not all bad.

Perhaps as a result of dealing with Insider feedback, Kinsey finds his favorite new feature of Windows 10 to be its sheer performance speed compared to previous versions. As users chimed in on the performance gains from Windows 7 to Windows 8 even more, Insiders found themselves commenting on the performance requests in Windows 10.

My favorite feature is actually the blazingly fast performance of Windows 10. Did you know Windows 10 boots faster, takes up less disk space when installed, and used less memory when running, compared to Windows 7 or 8 – even on old machines – that’s amazing!”


On a more personal, non-work related note, when asked what gadget Kinsey couldn’t live without (besides a phone or PC), he’s apparently quite fond of his car. Notably, Kinsey finds himself a bit of an electric car enthusiast, and recently crossed the 30,000 gas-free marker on his own electric vehicle.

Other tidbits about Kinsey are that he’s a father of two, and similar to Brandon LeBlanc, who was previously profiled, Kinsey also enjoys sushi. We’re detecting a theme developing over at the Redmond campus.

The new Windows 10 Team Profile posts are an excellent way for Insiders to acquaint themselves with the men and women involved with the apps, systems, and hardware they use every day, as well as giving them a more direct line of access to the right people. While Gabe Aul, may be the most recognized face of the Windows Insider program, Insiders should take the time to review the profiles found in the Insider Hub so they can direct the right questions and suggestions to the people who have the right answers and feedback.

For more information on Anthony Kinsey, head over to the Insider Hub app to read his profile or visit his Twitter link in the blog post.