Windows 10 'Smart suggestions' on the Start Menu shown off at Build 2015

Sean Michael

Smart Suggestions Windows 10
Joe Belfiore showed off one of the most recent builds of Windows 10 and focused specifically on the Start Menu. One of the features he focused on is Smart Suggestions. There’s a small section that appears just about file explorer, settings, and power that changes depending on situations.
If you have recently added an app it appears there and you have the ability to drag it over to pin it to your Start Menu. If you haven’t added an app in awhile, a suggested app will appear. It brings you these suggestions based on your download and use history. If an app that’s in this section is used enough, it jumps over to the most used section.
Joe Belfiore described it as tracking the “users lifecycle.” There will be more details coming about this and everything else from Builld Conference so stay tuned.