Windows 10 RTM rumored to launch June 2015 to target back-to-school sales


Windows 10 RTM rumored to launch June 2015 to target back-to-school sales

A new rumor is suggesting that Windows 10, Microsoft newest operating system that blurs the line between desktop, tablet, and phones, is expected to reach RTM in June of 2015. Now keep in mind that things can easily change. Here is what the rumor claims:

Why is the company targeting June instead of its traditional August release? Well, the month of August did not make a lot of sense if you were trying to sell licenses and devices for the back to school market. Previously, when an OS hit RTM in August, hardware from OEMs would not be ready until October which is good for the holidays but misses the back to school shoppers. So, Microsoft is doing the logical thing here and will push for Windows 10 to RTM in June so that it can have devices ready for the school shoppers, like the next generation Surface.” – Brad Sams, Neowin.

It does make sense to release Windows 10 in June of this year, as opposed to August. By releasing the operating system to manufacturers in June, we can expect to have it running on new computers in time for the back-to-school sales season.

At the end of April of this year, we can expect to hear more about Windows 10 and likely an official targeted release date too during the company’s annual BUILD developer conference. More on this as it develops. You can follow all our breaking Windows 10 news by keeping an eye on this dedicated page.