Windows 10 will reduce the number of Apps installs on a single Microsoft account from 81 devices to 10

Staff Writer

Image Credit: WinBeta

If you have more than ten devices associated with your Microsoft Account, then you’re in for a bit of a shock. Until now, Windows 8/8.1 users have been entitled to install an app on up to 81 devices. Whether anyone managed to do that is another question but now with Windows 10, the App install limit has dropped dramatically down to ten devices.

With Universal Apps installable across multiple device categories, one could easily see the device number clocking up. The install limit becomes increasingly troublesome if a customer was all in on the Microsoft ecosystem and they happen to own multiple Windows phones, PCs, Tablets, Xbox and even Hololens.

App limit

Why Microsoft has chosen to change this policy is unknown. Perhaps telemetry data has suggested that very few consumers have more than ten devices. However, it’s possible that some people share a single Microsoft Account with friends and family across various devices, and that is what Microsoft is trying to eliminate. This new change results in more people being stringent with their Microsoft Account.

This change was spotted by several users on Twitter over the weekend. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for some clarification on this issue so check back for any updates.