Windows 10 Redstone pumps up Continuum with 2K resolution and touchscreen support

Kareem Anderson

Shortly after Microsoft released what it dubbed Windows 10’s Threshold at the end of July 2015, some Windows users began to look towards the horizon for future updates to the operating system. According to leaked roadmaps, Windows users will see another substantial upgrade to Windows 10 in the form of Windows 10 Redstone. While many believe that the two-part release of Windows 10 Redstone will finally round out the development of Windows 10, questions remain as to what the update will actually include.

Recently, reports have been surfacing suggesting that Redstone will include a focus on Continuum. Specifically, Redstone could usher in touchscreen support and higher resolutions for Microsoft’s crown jewel productivity feature.

Redstone’s Continuum support news surfaced from a German site titled Winfuture, which claims to have information deriving from PC manufacturing sources that can attest to several feature additions that should appear in the Windows 10 Redstone release. Other improvements claimed by Winfuture include performance boosts to wireless transfers and Continuum’s higher resolution limits should increase to 2K.

As with most news that comes from anywhere other than Microsoft itself, we caution readers to accept this news with a grain of salt. While Windows 10 Redstone, in theory, could bring these changes and more, there is no guarantee that they will appear.