Windows 10 Redstone 5 update will introduce new “Screen clip” shortcut in Action Center

Laurent Giret

There are already several ways to take screenshots in Windows 10, including the PrtSc key, Microsoft’s handy Snipping Tool or the new Win + Shift + S shortcut that was introduced in the Windows 10 Creators Update. However, Microsoft is apparently working a new solution that will be integrated right into the Windows 10 Action Center.

Today, Microsoft watcher Rafael Rivera found a way to enable a new Screen Clip shortcut in the Action Center in Windows 10 RS5 build 17639. It’s not clear how he enabled the new clipping experience (we’re not seeing it on our Skip Ahead PCs), but the new Screen clip button seems perfect for people using Windows 10 in tablet mode.

Tapping the Screen Clip button in the Action Center will dim the screen and display an overlay at the top, with dedicated buttons for creating recording rectangular, free-form or fullscreen clips. According to Rivera, screen clips are automatically saved to the Windows 10 clipboard, and you can’t directly save them on your PC, at least not yet in this very early implementation.

The Windows Insider team will likely soon ask Insiders to give their feedback about this new feature. It does seem to be useful addition for tablet users, but it could also make sense on other form factors such as the foldable mobile device that Microsoft is currently developing.

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