Windows 10: Keep offering feedback, Microsoft says suggestions are being seriously considered


Windows 10: Keep offering feedback, Microsoft says suggestions are being taken and considered

Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 10, the forthcoming operating system for desktop and mobile platforms, gaming console Xbox One, and IoTs sometime this year. But, in a first, the company released a Technical Preview of the still-in-development Windows 10 on October 1 last year. The Redmond-based company said that it seeks user opinion and feedback as it makes the next operating system for them. Windows Insider chief Gabriel Aul on Twitter earlier today insisted that the company has been considering users’ feedback, and many of the requested and suggested features will be available in the builds to come and the final version of the Windows 10.

In less than half a month since the release of Windows 10 Technical Preview, the company announced that over 1 million users had downloaded the build, and had sent  200,000 user feedbacks. The company is accepting user’s feedback through a dedicated app available on the build named Windows Feedback app. In addition, it is also receiving the feedback from its Windows UserVoice forums, where users request new features. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it yet, UserVoice is a forum of sorts where people can post new ideas and upvote and comment on others’. The most popular ideas are then sent over to Microsoft to be looked at. If the company finds it reasonable, it would consider adding it to the corresponding product.

Microsoft arguably didn’t get everything right with Windows 8 operating system. By removing Start menu, and offering Modern UI — the tile-esque interface — the company unintentionally managed to miff a lot of users. The idea behind opening up to the consumers for their suggestion with Windows 10 is to better understand what they really want, and let them be a part in the development process. So far, users have been fairly impressed with Windows 10 operating system.

The company has an event on January 21, where it will be discussing the next “chapter of Windows”. We are expecting some consumer-oriented features of the Windows 10 to be showcased at the event. Also, the company is expected to showcase the mobile SKU of Windows 10 at the event.