Windows 10 Insider build 17063 breaks audio in Firefox

Arif Bacchus

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Windows 10 build 17063 introduces a lot of new features, but as usual, it also comes with some bugs. Thanks to a tip from one of our readers, Robert, we have learned that this latest Windows Insider build apparently has a bug that breaks audio in Firefox.

According to Robert, all audio in Firefox stopped working after installing the new build. The volume mixer can be opened while the sound is playing, but it shows no audio playing at all. A refresh of the browser and checking on Firefox or plugins to see if it was muted also did not fix the problem.

The issue is unique to Firefox amongst browsers, and audio in all other browsers work just fine. There is a thread in the Feedback Hub for this issue. Other Firefox users on Reddit also report the same problem, and some are reporting problems with other programs like OBS and Audacity. There is a dedicated thread on the Mozilla forums as well.

This is definitely an annoying bug, but if you so happen to be experiencing it, the best thing is to upvote the thread on the Feedback Hub in order to bring it to Microsoft’s attention. We hope Microsoft will work on a fix for the next upcoming build.

Thanks, Robert for the tip!