Windows 10 gets new Start Menu context options in latest Insider build 10565

Kareem Anderson

Here at WinBeta we’re still working our way through Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10565. The new release has brought some much needed refinements to the operating system as the Windows team enters its one year anniversary of the Insider program.
Beyond the high-level features such as Cortana tweaks, new printer options, Skype messaging integration and title bar color options, there are some lesser known features we’re stumbling across during our hands-on time. Windows 10 Insider build 10565 brings new context menus to the Start Menu that should help users jump in and out of apps much quicker.
The resizing of apps icons have gone through some refinement now including images to indicate what each size change will do. Apps in the Start Menu are also given more options beyond simple resizing. In what appears to be app-dependent, users can find options such as Run as Administrator, visit frequently searched web pages, open new tabs and Rate and Review options nestled in apps on the Start Menu. Other apps such as the recently updated Photos app also offer sharing features and the ability to turn off Live Tiles.
Start Menu resize 10565
While it may seem trivial to some, context menus help to make the Start Menu a more functional area than it has ever been, including its brief stint on Windows 8. For tablet users, the ability to jump to specific web pages from the Start Menu should go a long way to fixing some of the touch first issues some Insiders have complained about with Windows 10.
Again, we’re still going through the build so please forgive us for missing some of the nuances you readers may have already uncovered. We will continue to report on the new build in the days to come.
Please lets us if you’ve run across anything we have yet to cover. We love tips!