Windows 10 rumor: First look at Microsoft's new browser leaks onto the web – is this Spartan? (UPDATED: FAKE)

Kip Kniskern

Windows 10: First look at Microsoft's new browser - is this Spartan?

Update: Our sources claim that the screenshot above is fake. Take it with a grain of salt.

Early last week, we told you about confirmation that Microsoft is working on a successor to Internet Explorer, going by the name of Spartan.  Now today, we’re getting a first look at what that new browser might look like, thanks to the Boy Genius Report.  Of course we have to treat this as a rumor, at this point, and Microsoft declined to comment to BGR.

Alongside the image, which shows an older version of the new browser loading a Facebook page, BGR’s tipster revealed some new information they dubbed “amazing new features”: 

More interestingly, Microsoft’s new browser is said to come with some amazing new features that should further improve the Internet browsing experience. Apparently, Spartan will let you speak entire voice commands such as “add to favorites, “make that my home homepage,” or “go to”

Additionally, we are told Spartan will also be able to run different browsers inside it, “with the push of a button.” For example, users could split the browser into four windows that would be showing them four different ways to seeing a website or online application, as long as those browsers are also installed on the same device.

We already know that Cortana, with voice commands, is coming to Windows 10, but it looks like Spartan and Cortana will be close friends.

The tipster confirmed that “Spartan” is indeed a code name, and that Microsoft had assigned a special team to work on the new browser back in September. The design you see, their second version, was finished in November, and shortly after that, the team completed a new design, which was done by Christmas.  There’s no word on whether we’ll be seeing Spartan later this month at the Consumer Preview for Windows 10.

As always, everything is subject to change, so stay tuned as we bring you the latest on Windows 10, Spartan, Cortana, and more!