Windows 10 Facebook app updates with design changes & fixes

Kareem Anderson

While some Windows enthusiasts wait for the tidal wave of PWAs to come flowing in to the Windows Store from like-minded developers, there’s still a lot of native application development going for the platform.

The Windows 10 Facebook app just received a new update bringing the app to version 171.1861.39959.0.

While it’s not as feature heavy as some may want to bring the experience up to par with other platforms, today’s update does offer some UI parity.

Today’s changelog includes the following highlighted tweaks:

  • Renewed search bar (no more borders)
  • New notification icon (now bell-shaped)
  • All users can now send reactions to comments in the home (just hold on the comment to bring up the reactions)
  • The stickers section has been translated into all languages
  • It is now possible to add a biography from your profile
  • The profile icon in comments and groups is now spherical
  • Renewed the profiles page of their friends
  • Corrections and minor improvements

It should be noted that the update was first spotted by the Microsoft-centric Italian, and that the update may or may not have been rolled out in completion yet. Check the Microsoft Store beforehand to confirm.

Developer: Meta
Price: Free