Windows 10 Creators Update will allow selecting a custom accent color

Dennis Bednarz

Windows 10 Creators Update

Yet again, Marvin from the “Microsoft Group” on Telegram brings us some news. He managed to notice this new Personalization menu that was displayed at the Windows 10 event in NYC today.

The new menu under Themes section includes a colour picker for the accent colour, which means that users will be able to precisely adjust the colour they want on their PC. Hopefully, this will come to Mobile too. The new menu also includes a sidebar on the right side that shows you how you can customise the experience to your own liking. This is a slight aberration from the Settings layout at the moment.

The new Personalization menu looks sleek and nice. More advanced customization settings have been requested since the release of Windows 10, and they might finally be here with the Creators Update. We’ve also reported earlier that the update might bring paid themes via Windows Store.

Windows Insiders should expect these features soon, as the first of the preview builds for the Creators Update are expected this week.