Windows 10 continues to grow on Steam, now the favorite of more gamers than ever

Laurent Giret

Valve has released this week its latest Steam hardware survey for the month of October and Microsoft’s Windows 10 is now at an all-time high. With a combined OS share of 49.33 (up 0,64%), Windows 10 is once again progressing following a surprising hiccup in September when usage of the new OS dropped from 0.05%.

This month, Windows 10 64-bit recorded the highest increase (up 0.70%) while the 32-bit version of the OS was down 0.06%. Among other highlights, Windows 7 still claims a combined OS share of 34.21% (down 0.51%) while Windows 8.1 is below the 10% bar at 8.97% (up 0.07%).

Steam Hardware survey, October 2016.
Steam Hardware survey, October 2016.

As a reminder, Windows 10 64-bit became the most popular OS among Steam gamers back in March, claiming at the time a 36.97% share. With the holiday season nearing, we’ll see if the OS manages to maintain its current growth rate in the next two months. If it does, Windows 10 64-bit could then well cross the 50% bar in the first months of 2017.