Windows 10 build 10102 zh-CN has leaked onto the web (Now with en-US)

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

*UPDATE* EN-US has now leaked too. Original story follows.

Yesterday saw Windows 10 build 10074 leak onto the web directly from Microsoft’s own Windows Update servers. And today, another build of Windows 10 has leaked, this time not directly from Microsoft and in zh-CN.

Build 10102, although rocking a more recent build number, is technically older than 10074 as 10074 was compiled more recently. What this means is 10074 is more stable and likely has the most recent code changes.

Not only that, but 10102 is pretty much identical feature wise compared to 10074, so there really isn’t much point in downloading this leak. Regardless, as per usual we will not be linking to said leak.