WinBeta Podcast 18: Windows 10, Lumia 940 XL rumors, smart homes, and more

Sean Michael

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Welcome to another episode of the WinBeta Podcast. Each week we discuss the top Microsoft related news.  This week we discuss latest Windows 10 news including what’s no longer available after the update, pricing, clean installation, and AllJoyn smart home interoperability. We also discuss rumors of the potential Lumia 940 XL and the Skype crash bug that was found and fixed this week.

We also have a poll this week to get a feel for your excitement about Windows 10.

We broadcast each week live on YouTube at 3PM EDT and then post the video and audio which are embedded below. You can also listen to us on iTunes, the Windows podcast app, TuneIn, and watch us on YouTube.

Whether you’re looking for good discussion and insight on Windows news, or just a good time with some guys who love tech, you’ll enjoy the podcast. During the full episodes of the show we discuss the Windows news of the week and then after each week’s episode recording we have a general discussion and Q&A with our viewers. This week we had a good set of questions about Windows 10 and other Microsoft related questions.

Links to the stories discussed this week: