Why Microsoft removed Windows 10 feedback more than two weeks old


We received a tip over the weekend bringing our attention to the Insider Hub on Windows 10. Apparently, Microsoft has removed feedback from the Insider Hub older than two weeks, sparking various media outlets to speculate that Microsoft was “deleting” feedback. This is not the case.
Microsoft has simply archived “pre-release feedback” and will continue to look at the suggestions made by Windows Insiders to make improvements to the operating system. Microsoft simply wanted to clear out the search results on the Insider Hub, making it a tad bit cleaner to report newer issues. Here’s what Microsoft had to say:
“We’re also taking this opportunity to clear out the older feedback that we received earlier on in our product development cycle so it will no longer display in search result. Don’t worry, your feedback will still be in our backend system and will continue to be used by our engineering teams to make improvements—you’ll still get credit for your contributions in Insider Hub, too. You can always view a full history of your feedback under My feedback with a special Archive demarcation for pre-release feedback.”
So there you have it. Microsoft isn’t deleting feedback, they are simply archiving older feedback to clean up search results. If you want to see your history of submitted feedback, just hit My Feedback under the filter criteria. For those of you unable to locate the Insider Hub on Windows 10, head over here to see how you can get it.