What would you like to see in the 2015 release of Windows?

Zac Bowden

Windows Threshold (unofficial logo by WInBeta.org)

Details regarding the next major version of Windows have begun appearing online, detailing a few things we might expect to see in the 2015 release. But it’s still early days, so anything heard at this stage can only be considered a rumor. That doesn’t stop us from speculating and wishing though, so we’d like to know what you want to see in the next version of Windows.

Don’t be shy. Let us know! However big or small the feature, idea or concept. We’d like to know what you’d love Microsoft to do with Windows in 2015. Would you like to see the return of Aero? A better mold between the desktop and Modern UI? Better Apps? A new Desktop interface? Heck, what about a new cursor? Leave us your crazy and interesting ideas below.

We’ll even share ours too! I’ll go first just to get it going: I’d love to see a brand new Desktop Interface with an overhauled Taskbar to match the Modern UI. I want borderless Windows, much like Office 2013. I’d also like new window animations because why the hell not?

We might even pick the best and most creative ideas and feature them in an upcoming post. So make sure your ideas are cool!

(Windows Threshold logo us unofficial. Created by WinBeta.org)