Weird bug in Edge prints numbers incorrectly from PDF

Dave W. Shanahan

microsoft, edge windows 10 isos

If you use Microsoft Edge to print PDF files, you may already be experiencing issues with “Microsoft Print to PDF” in Windows 10. There are numerous complaints about Microsoft Edge’s PDF printing issue on the Edge issue tracker. The Microsoft PDF to Print issue arises when you attempt to print using the Edge browser; what’s displayed on your screen is not always what gets printed out via your printer.

ZDNet found the user (Mathias I.) who first reported the bug via Microsoft Edge bug tracker. In his Microsoft Edge bug tracker submission, Mathias reports that the bug he experiences is in Microsoft Edge 38.14393.1066.0, Microsoft EdgeHTML 14.14393 and Edge 40.15063, EdgeHTML 15.15063.

Some users have been able to reproduce the Microsoft Edge bug, while others have been unable to reproduce Mathias’ bug experience. Mathias posted two PDF files, one that displays a table with text and numbered boxes ranging from 0-143, and the same PDF file after it is printed with Microsoft Print to PDF in Edge. Mathias notes the bug as follows:

“Edge displays PDF correctly but printed content differs notably. Printed content depends on selected printer, on printer settings, and on used computer. Please try a different setup if first result looks correct.” The Microsoft Edge team is aware of the bug report. Another user noted that switching to Adobe Reader appears to fix the Edge bug.