Weekend discussion: Penguin Mark scores Internet Explorer 10 higher than Chrome or Firefox, is this FUD?


penguinmark 0

Microsoft has released a new benchmarking tool called Penguin Mark, which tests an internet browser using a variety of technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Canvas, and more. But for some reason, IE10 seems to score better than its competition!

“This experience brings together hardware-accelerated HTML5 capabilities like canvas, CSS3 animations and transitions, audio, WOFF, power and performance APIs, and more. Be sure to turn your volume up for maximum entertainment. The faster your browser, the higher your Penguin Mark score goes,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post announcing PenguinMark. Once you receive your score, you will notice that Microsoft’s very own Internet Explorer 10 scores better than Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox. Chrome averages around 50 to 150 points while IE10 will average scores in the thousands!

But why? If hardware acceleration is supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10, why is it that Internet Explorer 10 is supposedly way faster than the competition? Wait a minute, is it because Microsoft is using its own benchmarking tool to promote its own browser? Say it isn’t so! But perhaps there is a reasonable explanation here. Maybe Internet Explorer 10 supports a crucial feature that other browsers do not, therefore giving it an edge when it comes to this benchmark. Is there a reasonable explanation for this or do you think Microsoft is disseminating dubious and/or false information via this Penguin Mark benchmarking tool? Hit the source link below to give the benchmark a try and post your results in the comments below.