Web VNC App launches in the Chrome Webstore


Zürich, Wednesday 8th December 2010 – CloudSigma AG, a leading European provider of cloud servers, is pleased to announce the launch of the Web VNC application featured in Google’s newly launched Chrome Webstore. By offering a full VNC session from within the browser, the Web VNC app removes the need for users to load a standalone VNC client to remotely access their servers.

Web VNC uses HTML5, websockets and other new web based technologies to deliver a seamless browser based delivery model. The technology uses an encrypted HTTPS connection making it secure for use even on public wifi networks.

Patrick Baillie, CEO of CloudSigma commented ‘VNC is an extremely widely used tool for remotely managing servers. Its often used for trouble shooting and in high pressure mission critical situations. The ability to use this tool in a browser without the need for dedicated software or a secured connection allows administrators greater freedom and quicker response times when they need it most.’

Web VNC is a free service able to connect to any server globally from within the browser with VNC remote access enable.

True VNC, Access from Anywhere
Until now server administrators wishing to remotely access their servers have needed standalone dedicated VNC clients in order to achieve this. Most VNC connections are unencrypted negating the use of such software over open wireless networks. Likewise a great many corporate firewalls block VNC ports for security reasons in order to protect them against attacks by hackers wishing to remotely control their infrastructure.

WebVNC solves both these problems by using an encrypted HTTPS connection from directly within the browser. Unlike VNC ports HTTPS is generally open on almost all corporate firewalls and the encrypted nature of the connection means that passwords and infrastructure being accessed isn’t compromised by use of open and unsecured connections.

The result is that Web VNC greatly expands the speed with which server administrators can respond in vital situations and the scope of situations where VNC can now be securely utilised.

Freedom Through Technology: Cloud Servers
The Web VNC product is a spin-off from CloudSigma’s core business of high performance cloud servers. The company realised that one aspect of server management was taking users outside of the browser-based web management console and that was VNC. The company then set about combining existing open source libraries with its own proprietary code and infrastructure to delivery a mature commercially deployable solution.

Patrick Baillie continued ‘CloudSigma’s motto is ‘freedom through technology’ and the new Web VNC app follows our philosophy of using technology to put simple powerful tools into the hands of our customers.